Why I don’t run, or Why I’m joining a gym

Yesterday was Sports Day at my daughter’s school.  She did really well and tried her best with her school house coming 3rd overall (out of 4 – but she didn’t come last!!) My son also took place in the Toddler’s race coming somewhere in the middle. So I was a very proud Mummy and my kids were really happy… Until it came to the Mummy’s race…

With my son saying things like “I’ll do the Toddler’s race if you do the Mummy’s race,” and my friend saying “I’ll do it if you do” I was emotionally blackmailed into joining in. And within two feet of the start line proved why I don’t run:



Yes. They hurt. Lots.

I didn’t sleep well last night – each time I rolled over and landed on my arm I woke up. But the pain and swelling and fact that I can hardly limp let alone walk, is not the worst of it. Neither is the constant laughing the playground that I have to deal with, or the children saying “You’re the Mummy that fell over!”, or even the teachers fussing and asking whether I’m okay. No. The worst part of it all was when my daughter looked up at me (after checking I was okay) and saying the words: “You’re such an embarrassment.” I thought I had at least five years to go before I heard those words.

I do have a long list of excuses as to why I fell though.

  • Wasn’t wearing the right shoes (my Grandma’s favourite line) – in fact, I wasn’t wearing ANY shoes!!
  • Wasn’t wearing the right clothes – jeans & white vest top (green now…) are not the best clothes to wear on a hot day trying sprint against women who are a lot faster than you.
  • Wasn’t wearing the right bra – I am not exactly small, and it can be very uncomfortable to run without a ‘suck it all in, flatten it all down’ sports bra.
  • It’s already a bad ankle – fell off a pony when I was 13 tearing the ligaments and tendons in it, and broke it in 3 places a few years ago, so it’s already a bit dodgy and goes underneath me when I’m walking, so I have no chance at running!
  • The day before I’d fallen off my son’s skateboard and bashed my knee so was already limping and in pain.
  • I got competitive.

See! So it’s not really my fault, I had a lot of factors against me!

One good thing about injuring myself so spectacularly though – day of rest, with a pint of tea, packet of biscuits, and laptop.

I can hear you already, saying the same thing as my husband did, and everyone else in the playground. “Not doing it next year then?” Oh how wrong you all are. No, I will be training hard, make sure I’m dressed in the right clothes and have a good pair of trainers with an ankle support.

See you next year!!

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