Importance of listening to your readers

Sylvia Day has received some critical comments regarding the third installment of her Crossfire novels. The constant push-back of release date, the content of the story, and the ending have all come under fire on social media. But she has proven that she listens to her readers with her replies, and the recent announcement that there will be a fourth book, which will be released as soon as it is ready for the reader. She hasn’t given a release date as of yet though, as she doesn’t want to upset her readers by giving the false hope according to Aestas Book Blog’s Facebook page.

As a fan of the Crossfire novels, this was great news for me, and I appreciated the replies and comments she has made on social media, explaining that she is listening to her fans, and thinking of her readers when she is writing Gideon and Eva’s story. I can see why it ended the way it did – ending their story would have been too much to put into one book.

I always find it refreshing when someone whose work I enjoy, shows that they have a respect for their readers and fans and understand that without them, their work would still be on a shelf, unread. I know this only too well. As a writer, and a new author, I appreciate all criticism, advice, and reviews that I receive. I love reading comments from people who have read Seven Dirty Words, and have promised myself that I will try to put any advice I get into further novels.

So yesterday, I began work on a new novel. It hasn’t got a title as of yet, but the storyline is typical of a contemporary romance; two people fall in love and there are conflicts. There is slightly more than that, obviously, but I’m not willing to give anything more away just yet. What I will say is that I have listened to readers of Seven Dirty Words.

The language has been toned down, a lot. It was mentioned that the ‘F’ word was used too many times in SDW. (I’d like to point out that it is called Seven Dirty Words.) But with this new book, the language is not necessary so it’s not in it. It was also mentioned that the sex could be extended. I’ve always been complimented on my sex scenes, but readers have asked for more of them! (I think that’s a compliment.) And so it will be done.

Less swearing, more sex. Let’s just hope Kane Ryder can cope with it all…

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