Support the British Heart Foundation


Recently, my Grandad sadly passed away after having a heart attack. Rather than flowers, my family asked that people make a donation to the British Heart Foundation. With this in mind, I have decided to donate all royalties from sales of SEVEN DIRTY WORDS during June to the worthwhile charity. I would be so grateful if everyone could help spread the word, so that we can raise lots of money and help save lives.

The term “heart disease” covers a variety of conditions & problems including angina, heart attacks, heart failure, and congenital defects amongst  many others. But it doesn’t just affect the person with the condition. It affects everyone around them as well. The British Heart Foundation work tirelessly with research and campaigns, trying to not only fight heart disease, but educate the public on how to keep their hearts healthy, spot the early signs of a problem, and how to help people in need of emergency treatment.

According to their website:

£500 could help heart patients to set up a Heart Support Group in their community, giving them, their family and friends the chance to meet and talk to people who have gone through similar experiences.

£5,000 could fund 28 days of specialist Heart Failure nursing, changing the lives of around 170 heart failure sufferers.

£10,000 could fund 80 Little Anne realistic adult manikins used for training people in emergency life support training skills.

£180,000 could help us find a cure for heart disease by funding the complete costs of a research project for 3 years, including salaries for research staff, funds for the equipment and laboratory materials needed for the project.”

We all have a heart, so this is something that could affect anyone of us, at any time. Help me, help others.

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