A Day In The Life…

This bank holiday weekend is (so far) glorious. Yesterday, we had a spur of the moment BBQ, and today we took the kiddywinks and dog for a walk around the fields and forests near Ham Hill.


HamHill One of the views we came across…

My dog, Leela, proved herself to be very well behaved and trained off the lead. Although she also proved that (like me and the children) she ignores her Daddy when he calls her. However me or the children, and she comes running back! (Like I said, well trained) I also noticed how when she did wander off, it was because she’d lost sight of the kids, and once she found them, she tried to herd them back to us. Bless her little cotton sock!


Leela after a long, hard day!

I’ve lived in Somerset for 10 years now (on and off), and while I have been to Ham Hill on several occasions, I’ve never really been anywhere other than the monument and the Prince of Wales pub. So today was a bit of an exciting adventure for me as well!

I have to admit, I did my usual trick though. Made sure there was suncream and water for the children, packed spare clothes just in case, checked they had hats and jackets… Me? Oh, whoops! No suncream, no hat, no sunglasses (well, they got eaten by Leela the other day and I haven’t been out to buy a new pair yet!) so Mummy was left feeling the heat, quite literally. Fortunately, I was cooled down by a delicious ice cream at the end of the walk.

We figured we walked about 2 miles or so, and we thought we’d have tired children at the end of it. Ha! 4 and 5 year old, still hungry and wanting to play, Mummy & Daddy, wanting to sleep on the sofa. We compromised. Chicken nuggets & chips for dinner, whilst watching the highlights of the Monaco Grand Prix.

This all goes to prove that you don’t have to spend money to make kids happy. Just give them a forest to explore (we discovered dock leaves, buttercups, forget-me-nots, LOTS of nettles, butterflies, birds, badger setts, mole hills… The list is endless), fields to run in, and a whole heap of attention and love.


Becca’s picture to remember the day

I didn’t really begin to feel it properly until I sat down. But I can say now that my neck is sore and red, and I have that tired, heatstroke feeling… Hopefully a date with Steve McGarrett will distract me…

Tomorrow is Bank Holiday Monday. I’m hoping it will be just as sunny and warm as it has been today so we can spend the time in that jungle we call a back garden. Although tomorrow I will make sure I at least have a bottle of water and suncream on before venturing outside…

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