Excerpt from RECYCLED

Looking forward to reading the final instalment!

Robin Writes

Chapter One

“Hallefrickinluia!” Alison clapped her hand over her mouth as the word exploded into the darkness. She was so excited she dropped her flashlight. Hastily retrieving it, she smacked it a few times before the light came on again, shining it around the small room. She quickly climbed the ladder and ascended into the kitchen of the abandoned camper, turning off the light once again, making her way quickly back to the others.

The door flew open, and Alison was instantly covered by three weapons pointed directly at her head.

“Sorry,” she said, “but you are not going to believe this!”

Guns were holstered, and Brad grabbed her by the shoulders. “You almost got shot, dammit! What’s so important that you completely forgot protocol and just busted in here?”

“Chill, Brad.” Alison poked him in the chest and he immediately released her, sitting back down at the table. “I…

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