Diary of a Workaholic

Not even a day has passed since I clicked send.  I doubt anyone at RHP has had the chance to read the first chapter of Four Letter Words yet, but I have already opened up a new Word doc. and typed “Chapter One”.  That’s as far as I’ve got mind.  I had to though.  There are only so many times I can let the Fire Ants in Fallout 3 kill me, there are only so many times I can wash the same damn glass, and there is only so much throwing of sticks for the dog that I can handle before I go insane. The kids are at school, the hubby is at work, and I am NOT tidying those pigsties of bedrooms – that can be a job for the weekend when I hear the words “I’m bored…” I did my taxes already. So what else am I going to do? Yes… I could do some work that pays.  Oh wait – I did that.  I’ve edited, rated, graded, and written for Helium.com this week.  What next?  I suppose I should open up those assignments sat on the windowsill calling my name, desperate to be completed, but I have another three months to finish the course… **la-di-da-di-da**  There are lots of things I could and should be doing, but I don’t wanna!  I could start a new story.  Yes, I like that idea.  Let’s do that.

I had promised myself some time off while I wait for editors to get back to me. But the truth is that whenever I sit down to do nothing, my brain just screams at me that my manuscript isn’t good enough and is going to be rejected or need lots of changes to it.  (Insert sad emoticon) So to keep my head from hurting, I thought I’d open up the documents and start typing.  Only I’m blogging, and that’s a sign of procrastination.  As is my excessive use of Facebook.  (Here is where I would like to point out that FB should not be used for political and religious rants.  It should be about what I ate for dinner and silly pictures of cats.)

Why am I procrastinating?  Because “Chapter One” is all I have right now. Oh I have story lines, plots, characters etc. in my head, notepads and even on my phone (don’t ask), but I can’t get them onto paper. I have too many ideas.  Now there’s something you should never hear a writer say! I’m comfortable writing romance, but I like murder (as in writing about it, not doing it), and I have been inspired by several Dystopian novels and TV series, and then there’s the paranormal novel I’ve been challenged to write…  I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before. All I know is that I’ve listened to what everyone has said, and I agree – there are too many books about ‘rich and beautiful’ people, so I’m avoiding those characters.

**Headdesk, headdesk, headdesk**

Perhaps I’ll bake a cake instead.

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