Chapter One Perfection

editing tools

This morning, I sat down with a second draft of my manuscript, red pen (well chewed), two crunchy, yummy biscuits, a pint of tea, glasses perched, and a packet of ibuprofen ready to hand.  Five hours later, I have a third draft of Four Letter Word’s first chapter, and I think it is as close to perfection as I can get it without the aid of an editor.  I am exhausted.  I have also lost all my lives on Candy Crush, The Simpsons are all doing six-hour jobs on Tapped Out, my children are hidden under the rubble in their bedrooms, and I think the dog is hiding in my bedroom…  There is nothing like editing a novel to spur me on to procrastinate!

Oh, and no you didn’t misread… FIRST CHAPTER.  I still have thirty seven (give or take, depending on how many more get added during the process) to finish.

My first rough edit happened over the past week.  I added about three chapters, filled in a plot hole, and corrected all my spelling and grammar errors.  I still have to make sure that the format is to the liking of my editor though.  (I was taught two spaces between sentences, no Oxford comma, and no indentations when it comes to dialogue – I have now learnt that this is all wrong when it comes to publishing novels, so take note all budding writers!)

I have to admit that I have been disappointed today though.  Editing cat seems to have run away.  I’m sure he’ll be back tonight when his stomach begins to grumble, but apparently he is having a day off.

Oh look, I’m blogging – more procrastination.  La-di-dah!  Okay, okay, I’m going…  Hopefully I will be able to announce a fully edited MS that has been sent to my publisher next time I log on…

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