Four Letter Words – Paige’s Story Continues (and is judged by a harsh editor)

Poor Paige.  She has been through the mill a bit hasn’t she?  And unfortunately, anyone who was hoping for an easy ‘happily ever after’ in Four Letter Words is going to be left disappointed.  I’m not giving anything away, but it would be a bit of a rubbish story if Paige did nothing but have sex and swear lots over 75,000+ words.  (No word count yet, I’m still writing and editing!)

So why is it called Four Letter Words?  Well, apart from the obvious (most swears have four letters, and of course so does Love), there is storyline that involves letters of the written kind.  The story continues from where SEVEN DIRTY WORDS finished.  Paige is with the man she chose, but is left unsure as to whether she made the right decision.  TDS or Matt?  Stilettos or slippers?  The questions still remain, as she comes to terms with her past, present, and future.  And then the letters start.  Threatening letters, with a biblical element, are finding their way to Paige’s doorstep.  Who is behind them?  And who will save the day?  Oh goody, more questions that need answering.

It’s true what they say – writers put their characters through what no normal person would ever survive with a degree of sanity.

Don’t ask me how Four Letter Words will end.  One, I’m not telling you.  Two, the chances are I will change my mind tomorrow.  I know ‘whodunnit’, and I know who she ends up with.  How she gets there is an entirely different matter.  Don’t ask when it will be published either – again, I have no idea.  Currently, the manuscript is just over 55,000 words so not too far from the end.  But then I have to send it to my editor.  Have you met my editor?  Here he is:


This is Harry.  Also named Harry-Cat, Harry-Bo, Harikari, Hasbo, Baby-Boy, Fat Cat, and whole host of other cutesy names that he hates.  He likes to find warm spots to sleep, and that usually includes my notes, chair, or keyboard.  Here he is inspecting the current manuscript for Four Letter Words:


As you can see, he was unamused, and deleted an entire chapter for me.  He also thinks it needs a stronger opening.  I’m inclined to agree.  Better make another cup of tea and get on with it!

At 55,000 words, it has another 20,000 to go before it can be considered a full-length novel, but considering when editing SEVEN DIRTY WORDS, I found an extra 21,000, I’m sure Four Letter Words will hit the required count soon enough.  So keep a close eye on this blog, and my Facebook page (what do you mean you haven’t liked my FB page?  Go like it now!) and you will be the first to know when Four Letter Words is ready to read.

Oh and yes, you do need to have read SDW first…

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