Review by Ella Medler

Ella Medler

7 dirty words



Note: I was given an ARC for review, so editing will not be part of this appraisal.

This book is all about Paige Holmes – and therefore hard to fit into a category. There is a life struggle, as Paige is learning to deal with the events of a year ago, so you could call it a journey of development and self-discovery. There is sex and a love triangle, so you could call it a romance, with a touch of eroticism. Yes, I think I’ll settle for that.

The first thing that comes to mind is how well the cover fits Paige, as I see her in my mind’s eye. That cover says: vulnerable, scared, defiant, a victim, broken… to name just a few attributes, and Paige is all of those, plus some.

The plot is simple and there are no twists and secondary…

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  1. Hi! I came across this site from a blogger I follow. I had a random question about your book cover. Is it a stock image from the internet? I’ve seen it used elsewhere and was concerned someone had stolen your picture.

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