Dinosaur Hunting in Charmouth

It’s Easter, the kids are off school, and pigs must be flying because my husband had a day off too!  We decided to spend this rare family-time by taking a trip to Charmouth beach in Devon, with the dog, to go fossil hunting.  Or dinosaur hunting as my son says.

It was cold.  Bloody cold!  According to the car it was 5C, but it felt more like -5.  Wrapped up in hats, scarves, gloves, waterproof coats, thick socks, and wellies, we hit the beach.  It was very interesting to walk along the coastline (along with hundreds of other mad people who’d had the same idea), and seeing the difference from 2 years ago when we last visited Charmouth.  You’ve probably heard about the lovely weather we’ve been having over the past 12 months.  All that rain and snow has led to massive mudslides and rock falls that has completely changed the cliff face.



Despite the grey clouds, and bitter winds, we did have fun.  Leela (our dog) was very nosey, investigating every bit of mud, sand, pebble, and of course the other visiting dogs.  I think she may have made some new friends!  It was far too cold to venture into the waves, but we have promised the kids another trip over in the summer… Should we get one this year…



My children came home with full tummies (is there anything more British than eating chips on a beach in the freezing cold?!) and full buckets.  We didn’t find anything spectacular.  Unless you count an abandoned boot stuck in the mud.  It did leave me wondering where the rest of the body was, or if there was someone walking around with only one shoe…  We didn’t find any T-Rex skeletons, much to my son’s disappointment.  But we did find some interesting and pretty stones, which have been added to my daughter’s collection.  I found a pretty red stone, which I’m sure is probably only calcite, but it’s shiny and red, so it’s been added to my crystal collection.  I also found an odd stone, which I’m not sure if it’s part of a fossil or just a rather bashed stone.  What do you think?


So that’s Easter over and done with.  Suppose I better get back to writing now.

2 thoughts on “Dinosaur Hunting in Charmouth

  1. Unlikely to be calcite, but very easy to check using the scratch test since calcite only has a hardness of 4. Maybe chalcedony.

    1. I wouldn’t have a clue how to test it. I guessed Calcinite after I googled common types of rock found on Charmouth and looked at pictures of red and black striped rock!

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