Agreed and agreed!! I don’t understand why anyone would EVER pay for a review for a start!!

Robin Writes

There’s been a lot on the Web lately about the costs of self-publishing; I’m referring, of course, to that Bloomberg article and list of ridiculous costs for publishing one’s book. To add insult to injury, the title is “The REAL Cost of Self-Publishing.” The only way those numbers make sense is if an author uses a vanity press – in other words, pays someone to publish the book. The pretty much negates the use of the word “SELF-publishing.”

The first thing the articles talks about is editing. This is the MOST important step – if your writing is bad, if the story is bad, if your grammar and spelling are bad, no one will want to read it. Period. Okay, maybe your mom. And your friends.

We’re told the cost is around $500-$1500. That’s probably close to accurate, for an average novel.

Next up is design. $200 for a cover…

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