Tea, Research, Branding, Re-Writing Chapters & Neglected Housework

What a hectic weekend I’ve had!  It started with a four hour journey to Nottingham taking close to seven hours after we were disrupted by roadworks and traffic jams.  The journey home was just as interesting, with the roadworks and traffic jams being coupled with blizzards and flurries.  But finally, we are home after visiting the northern lot.

While I was away, I read Robin Tidwell’s “So you wrote a book: Now what?”  If you are an indie or new author, I would highly recommend you read it.  It’s short and sweet, yet covers pretty much everything you need to consider, including branding yourself as a product.  This got me to thinking about my brand.  I think it’s fairly safe to say that tea is part of my brand.  It features heavily in SEVEN DIRTY WORDS, will be seen throughout Four Letter Words, and will probably make an appearance in every other book I write.  In fact, while I sit here, guess what is next to me.  Yup – mug of tea.  Well, empty mug.  There is nothing more disappointing than going to take a drink and realising that you’ve already drunk it all.  But what about the rest of me?  Currently I live in jeans, dark tops, and either trainers, wellies, or Uggs, depending on the weather.  I live in a farming community in the back end of beyond, in England.  Mud is common all year round.  Wearing killer heels and a full face of make-up to do the school run, walk the dog, or the weekly shop is just not practical.  I drive a Honda Accord at the moment, and am considering changing it for an estate – not exactly sexy.  My brand before children was probably more accurate when considering a romance author – make-up at all times, heels, fashionable clothes, and driving around in either a zippy little Pug, or my other-half’s MR2.  But that isn’t going to happen now until either the book makes me millions, or the children have gone to secondary school.

So, here I sit, at the computer, ignoring the sheets that need changing, the carpets that need vacuuming, the bathrooms that need scrubbing, and the floors that need mopping.  My mug is empty, and I am going over the past 30,000 words of Four Letter Words.  A re-write is needed, I can see that.  But my options are – start again, or finish and edit.  I’ve gone for finish and edit.  But I am re-writing this last chapter, and have decided some research is needed.

I am not a religious person, or not conventionally religious anyway.  I come from a long line of Pagans and Catholics.  My husband is Agnostic or Atheist, depending on his mood, and my children go to a C of E school.  Yes, I realise how contradictory this is.  It does make me open-minded though!  Anyway, part of Four Letter Words has a Christian theme, and quotes from the bible are necessary.  (Ahh now you’re confused aren’t you? Well, you will have to wait and see.)  I haven’t read my Good News bible since I was at primary school, which was twenty years ago.  I was surprised to find it on my bookshelf, thinking I’d left it at my Mum’s when I’d left home.  But no, there it was.  Right next to a set of books about Tarot…  So the research has commenced.  My desk is a mess as you can see from this picture!


All this to do and here I am procrastinating!  Time to get off my sorry backside, and do some housework.  Or perhaps I’ll just open this Next catalogue and look at re-branding myself…

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