Character Interviews

I’ve never really been one to write character profiles before.  With SEVEN DIRTY WORDS I wrote the story, and then made mini-profiles as I was editing, to ensure there were no gigantic plot holes.  Whilst writing Four Letter Words however, I’ve found it almost necessary to write more extensive profiles for them, particularly for TDS and Matt.  Researching on how to create the best character profile, I found one thing in common – interviews.  Many writers sit down and actually interview their characters.  This may not make sense to some of you – why are you talking to someone who doesn’t exist?  With me, it makes perfect sense.  I’m constantly talking to my characters, which is possibly why people often think I’ve gone mad and started mumbling to myself!  So, I have interviewed my three main characters: Paige, TDS, and Matt.  Here is a sneak peek at the questions I asked, and their answers!

What’s your full name and your nickname?

P: Paige Elizabeth Holmes.  My middle name is my mother’s.

V: Vance Ellery.  Paige calls me TDS, which apparently stands for Tall, Dark, and Smouldering.  Smirks.

M: Matthew Henry Jackson.  I was nicknamed Matieu by a friend at school, so that’s what I called my restaurant.  Jackson is my mother’s maiden name. 

Describe yourself.

P: I get told I’m stubborn quite a lot.  I think I’m average – not tall, not short, brown hair, hazel eyes…  I’ve a few scars from playing rugby, horse riding and doing Mixed Martial Arts.

V: I like to be in control and I don’t suffer fools.

M: Tall, good-looking.  Grins.  I’m hard-working, but think I’m generous and kind too.

What is your relationship with your family like?

P: I love my brother to pieces.  He’s always been there for me.  I am a bit of a Daddy’s girl I guess, and I get on well with my Mum, but we’re not terribly close.  I also have a surrogate brother in the form of my house-mate.

V: Strained.  

M: My parents divorced quite a long time ago.  My mother moved to France, so I only see her a few times a year.  I’m very close to my little sister.

What is your biggest fear?

P: The dark, loud noises, my past.

V: Losing control.

M: Losing my family.

Who do you trust?

P: My brother and house-mate, my best-friend Lou, and my parents.

V: No one.

M: My sister and my mother.

What makes you smile or laugh?

P: Romance and watching my brother fall over his feet to impress a girl.  

V: Raises eyebrow

M: Watching my sister play hockey. 


What are you wearing right now?

P: A tea dress with a kind of 50s floral pattern in greens and blues, matching green shrug, and black court shoes with a five inch stiletto heel.

V: Black trousers, black Oxford shoes, navy silk shirt and black jacket.

M: Jeans, white t-shirt, trainers.

How do you spend your Saturday afternoons?

P: Playing rugby, followed by lunch at my parents’.

V: Working.

M: If I’m not at the restaurant, I’ll be watching my sister play hockey or renovating my new home.

Have you ever had your heart broken?

P:  Yes.  Just recently.  I thought someone loved me, but they didn’t.

V: Yes.

M: Yes.  I discovered my fiancee was cheating on me with a family member.

Wow.  Vance wasn’t very forthcoming was he?  Never mind, perhaps more will be revealed later on…

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