The Difficulty of Saying Good-Bye to a Character

Yes.  I’m talking about the suave, sexy, arrogant, dangerous, Tall, Dark, and Smouldering, Vance Ellery.

I can honestly say, of all the characters I’ve created, saying goodbye to TDS will be the first time I’ve had a difficulty in leaving.  I haven’t even finished writing Four Letter Words yet.  I’m only 26,000 words and 14 chapters in, but I’m having to face that this could be the end of my relationship with TDS!!  **Insert very sad, crying face**

So why have I become so attached to this character?  Well, I guess he’s been with me a long time.  Somewhere in the recess of my fantasies, TDS has always lurked.  I was asked recently, if SDW was turned into a film, who would I want to play Vance Ellery?  Don’t know, is the answer.  I know a lot of authors have pictures of hunky men strewn across their walls, desks, and PCs, as ‘inspiration’.  I’ve done it myself!  But with TDS, he really is a culmination of fantasies with a little bit of truth thrown in for good measure.  (No, I’m not going into details!)

When I began writing SDW and was creating his character, I began with an image in my mind of a tall, dark, and handsome, older man who was powerful with a little bit of danger thrown in.  The bad-boy grown up really.  And he is exactly that.  56 years old, divorced, with two children – an 18 year old daughter who dotes on her daddy, and a son in his twenties who hates him for many reasons.  He’s never been faithful, he’s slept with his son’s girlfriends just because he can, he orders his staff around without any thought…  But he is also very protective of his loved ones, including his son.  I have no idea where the name Vance Ellery came from, but it seemed to suit him.  I love that name.  It’s going to be difficult trying to match it in future books.

I’ve always laughed when people have told me how they’ve fallen in love with a character – particularly a certain Mr Grey – but now I understand, so I apologise to you all!!  I’m sure I’ll get over it eventually, but right now I’m searching for options on how to continue my affair with TDS.

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