Tea Doesn’t Bring Back Lost Files or Fix Boilers!

As I write this, I am dressed in a thick jumper, with a dressing gown, thick socks and slippers, and considering putting gloves on.  My boiler has died.  The gas man came to fix it, only to tell me that it needs a part.  Best case scenario – I will be warm tomorrow afternoon.  More likely – it will be at least 2 weeks before we have heating or hot water.  Yay!  That’s if the new part works.  Of course we could be looking at buying a new boiler completely.  Deep-bleeding-joy.

Oh but it gets better!  I opened my pendrive this morning, thought I’d get a few more words written and what does my PC do?  Delete the open word document and lose 21,000 words.  And no, it’s not in the recycling bin.  I have been through every troubleshooting option and nothing.  Zip.  Nada!  Thankfully at 19,000 words, I’d backed up onto a notepad file.  But that still means 2,000 words have gone, and can I remember what I wrote??  Nope.  Probably because I’m too FRIGGING FREEZING to concentrate.

I tried the solution of tea and biscuits, which warmed me up for the whole of half and hour.  I even made an excuse to take the dog to the vets and have her nails clipped to enjoy their radiators.  And when  they told me she didn’t need her nails clipping, I decided to stock up on flea and worm treatments, just to stay warm.  How sad am I?  “Why don’t you go to a friends?” I hear you cry.  Why?  Because I have no car  today and live in the middle of nowhere, and the people I do know who live close by are at work.

So, I am a grumpy Charlotte today, struggling to find the enthusiasm to do anything but mope.  I really do think retiring to the Caribbean is a good idea right about now…

5 thoughts on “Tea Doesn’t Bring Back Lost Files or Fix Boilers!

  1. Sounds like you need a little you time! When things start doing that to me, my solution is to draw a nice hot bath, find a really good book and read (since no hot water do my after bath remedy!),. When done find the softest blanket and prettiest pajamas and curl up with tea and finish book. Also make your favorite dinner and snack (I love Ritz crackers, old cheddar cheese, pickles and fresh veggies) Pamper your self! Tomorrow you should be ready to tackle the 2000 words. Well I hope everything ends up working out for you! Look on the bright side is at least you have hydro!
    Alice 😉

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