Four Letter Words

I promised you an extract from FOUR LETTER WORDS, and an extract is what you shall get!  Here’s a short snippet of the sequel to SEVEN DIRTY WORDS.  (Remember, you need to read that first!)   This is a first draft, so will probably be edited and re-edited before the sequel is published.

“After tea was finished, I helped clear the pots away, and settled with Mum in the drawing room.  She pulled out the drawers on the old mahogany bureau, and removed several piles of cream and ivory cards and envelopes.  Each one was embossed with gold leaf patterns, scrawling calligraphy announcing the ‘Annual Holmes Manor Christmas Party’, with a charity logo in the bottom corner.  A piece of see-through, white ribbon was wrapped around the card acting like a book mark for the single page.

  Most of them had been completed, with my mother’s beautiful scripted handwriting, inviting villagers and members of the local council and surrounding areas to help raise money for such a worthy cause.

  I was glad that she, at least, had some way of keeping her mind occupied.  Perhaps helping her would brush away the debris the circulated my own thoughts.  So, I sat by her, stuffing and licking envelopes.  Occasional disapproving looks were shot my way, when the card wasn’t in straight enough or the lip of the envelope had too much or not enough stick.  But otherwise, we managed to remove two hours from our lives of worry, in silence.

  Once the invitations were finished and sealed, I gathered a pile together, and went on my way to deliver them around the village.  There were no cameras in sight, the journalists had given up on the pursuit of such a meagre story, and I thought that the fresh air might do me some good.  Clear away those metaphorical cobwebs, so to speak.

  I’d almost forgotten how beautiful the village could look in an Autumnal afternoon.  Golden leaves rusting in the sunlight, squirrels shaking the branches as they dart around, hidden from the human eye.  Even the brisk breeze was welcomed, despite its threat of frost and ice.  I wondered if winter would arrive sooner than we expected.”

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