Sample from Seven Dirty Words

Here’s a short teaser for you all!!  

The hotel was as palatial as its name.  Richart Courts was outside of Brookfield, surrounded by acres of luscious green pastures, and providing everything your heart and wallet could desire.  From luxurious spa treatments to a round on the 18-hole course, it was a mecca for the wealthy.

  Of course, TDS had the royal suite that took over half of the top floor.  The two-bed apartment was bigger than the average flat and decorated in silver-veined marble, creamy pillars, and gold-leaf filigree.

  I should have felt awkward as he showed me around, seating me in the sunken lounge area.  Most other women would have at least been in awe of his unmistakeable affluence.  But I wasn’t.  I felt almost, comfortable.  I didn’t even shrink under his shadow as he sat by me.  It would have been easier to pull away from him if I’d been even the slightest bit intimidated by his power and strength.

  He held a menu out to me, and watched as I glanced down the exquisite list. 

“Your friends don’t like me, and neither does your mother.”

“My mother doesn’t like anyone who shows me any interest.” I said matter-of-factly.  “It’s not you, please don’t take it personally.  They’re overprotective.  Mark is my big brother, it’s his job to hate you, and Daniel is his best-friend so it’s his job to agree with Mark.”

  He seemed to be comforted by that, but I wasn’t sure how long he’d be pacified by my excuses.  I wondered if I should broach the subject of his son having equal displeasure for our friendship.  Before I could open my mouth, his hand was on top of mine, reaching for the menu. 

“Have you made a decision?”

“Not really,” my voice was unusually quiet.  I swallowed against the pressure that built up in my chest and stomach. 

  His fingertips stroked the back of my hand, his gaze firmly fixed on mine.  He leant forward and as he did so my pelvis became heavy with the heat that swelled between my legs.  Jeez, what this man could do to me with a single look. 

“I want to get to know you Paige.”  The sound of his voice vibrated over my skin, sending sparks of pure unadulterated lust driving down into the pit of my belly.

  I’d been starving when his limo stopped outside the farmhouse.  But now there was only one thing I was hungry for, and it wasn’t food.

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