80,000 Dirty Words!!

Yup, I’ve hit the 80,000 words mark on Seven Dirty Words.  The story has taken a bit of a turn away from where I intended it to go, but it flows nicely!  It won’t be long now and I’ll be editing, re-editing and editing again before sending it off to be proof-readers, followed by the long list of agents, who have all kindly rejected “April’s Baby” so far.

I’ve also made a start on my next book.  I haven’t got a title yet, but I’m straying away from adult/contemp romance and venturing into the world of fantasy and werewolves!  It’s Nanowrimo next month, and my mission is to finish Seven Dirty Words before then, and use November as a way of getting the next book under way.

Still trying to think of a pen-name too…

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