Seven Dirty Words

While I wait for more rejections regarding “April’s Baby”, I have decided to start my next book.  I struggled to begin with as my brain was buzzing with ideas, which are all written down and ready to be developed.  Then, a couple of days ago, inspiration struck!

“Seven Dirty Words” is another adult / contemporary romance and currently at just under 20,000 words.  (20,000 words in 2 days!!)  The story is about a girl, Paige Holmes, who is struggling to come to terms with her past.  She is a very feminine young woman, but one who hides herself in a very masculine world.  She plays rugby, takes mixed martial arts lessons, and spends much of her free time either at the gym, swimming, or riding her horse.  She also works in a car body shop, and lives with her brother and his best-friend.  In short, she feels safe when surrounded by men.  Then she meets TDS (Tall, Dark and Smouldering).

TDS (also known as Vance Ellery) is a wealthy, attractive, divorced entrepreneur.  Even though he’s old enough to be her father, and has children her own age, she sees him as an eligible, yet dangerous, bachelor.  He fires something inside her that she thought had been killed by an abusive past, and she struggles to fight her feelings for him.

Then she meets Matthew Jackson.  Gorgeous, suave, and closer to her own age.  Her mother tries to push her to the sexy Mr Jackson, but she resists because he is a client of hers, and she doesn’t want to risk her job over a man she barely knows!

To Paige it’s like choosing between stilettos and slippers.  One is hot, sexy and makes her feel alive, the other is reliable and comfortable, and above all safe.  But then again, there is the torment of her past to deal with as well…

One thought on “Seven Dirty Words

  1. sounds like it’s going to be a great read!!! Thanks for the update, and good luck with your continued writing!!

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