“April’s Baby” has now been fully edited (by me) and submitted to an agent (I would like to avoid self-publishing!!).  But, sitting and waiting for an agent’s response (I’ve decided to take my time and submit to one at a time, making each proposal and submission personal, rather than bombarding it to everyone at once) has left me twiddling my thumbs.

Without a novel to write I feel like my left arm has been chopped off – I’m not totally helpless, but there is definitely something missing.  (Ooh that’s good – nobody steal that, I’m using it in a book somewhere.)  So I’ve decided to start on the next one.  I have a whole page of title ideas (no, not sharing in case someone steals those too!), and have a couple of plot-lines.  I’ve also decided to stay within the adult / contemporary romance genre, and have even started re-collecting Jilly Cooper books on my Kindle for inspiration.

While jotting down notes, (half-heartedly because I am addicted to the Olympics at the moment) I struck upon the idea of a series of books, all based within the same village.  The village has already been half-created as it features in a book that I just can’t finish, and probably never will.  I’ve even drawn a map, created addresses & named all the residents!  (Can you tell I’m bored?)

Now I’m onto creating the character profiles…  I’ve never really bothered with this before.  I have several profile templates stored on disks & drives, but I always feel like I’m wasting time creating them, when I could just be writing the novel.  This made me think – I wonder if best-sellers create profiles and how much time they actually spend on researching their characters?  Or do they just write, write, write?  I know most good writers will do a fair bit of research if their novel involves practices such as police work, crimes etc. to make it believable, but when it comes to adult romance – how much research do you really need to do??

My books will all be based within a farming community, with horses at the centre – because that is where my knowledge lies.  I grew up in a small farming village, there isn’t much I don’t know about horses and the showing industry, and I live in the area where my fictional village is based – so not much research needed really!!

I suppose if I’m creating a series of books, it may be a good idea to have profiles, so that characters can wander from book to book… Perhaps it’s time to get that notepad out and have a look at the interesting people I have spied when out and about.

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