Quirks and Rituals

So, reading my regular subscription to Writing Magazine, and I come across an article regarding the rituals of published authors and writers, and it made me wonder about my own quirks.

Mug of Tea

The most important ritual I have when writing is my cup of tea.  Being quintessentially British, I must have tea at all times.  But it has to be in a specific mug – my tall red mug with white polka dots that came with a hot chocolate gift set one Christmas.  The tea must be Tetleys, although in emergency situations I am willing to drink PG Tips or Twinings.


I write either at the office desk, which is in the kitchen, or with a laptop on my knee in the living room.  Last night, after managing to complete more than 2,000 words leading me up to the 62,000 mark on my latest novel, I realised that I write best sat on the sofa, stretched out with the laptop on my knee, and my feet raised on a pillow.


Unlike most other writers, I can’t write in complete silence.  I need a noise or distraction.  But, I can’t write to music – I end up either watching the video on YouTube, or singing along to it.  I much prefer the TV on (today I am listening to Team GB in the London Olympics), with the internet open to Facebook and Helium.


Kids are a big NO! when it comes to being able to complete any form of writing.  They are the one distraction I cannot have.  As an over-protective mother, I need my full-concentration to be on the children when they are at home.  However, today in particular I am desperate to get these chapters in my head into print so my time will be spent split between the children’s “den” (blanket over dining table) and the laptop.

What quirks and rituals do you have?

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