New Books and Dreams

Okay, so this is already happening and not really a dream, as I have self-published my book ‘Murder at Meadowview’.  However, having a publisher or agent look at my work and offer me a contract is still something I am actively working on.  I did send ‘MaM’ to publishers and agents when I first completed it, but as a naive and new writer, I sent my first draft and hadn’t edited it other than a few typos that my friends picked up on.  Even then, I did receive a lot of positive feedback with the usual response of “keep writing, don’t give up, it’s just not for us right now” being typed at the bottom of the letters.  (Please do not burst my bubble by telling me they say this to everyone, and just let me live in my positive thoughts!)

After writing for for a while, I feel that my writing skills have greatly improved since this first venture into the writing industry, and I am now ready to take the leap and actually finish a second novel.  But what to write??  Well, almost straight after ‘MaM’ I thought of a follow-up book based around the Inspector Moss character portrayed within the first novel.  This is still only 17,000 words long and remains in a draw, unfinished.  So, I decided to try a different genre and put my efforts into writing ‘Fine Lines’, a Chick-Lit (sorry, Women’s Literature) story about a bored housewife who has recently been left raising two teenagers on her own after her husband decided to have an affair.  Sound cliche?  I thought so too, which is why at 50,000 words I have now added that to the ever-growing pile of unfinished novels.  Thinking that maybe I just wasn’t cut out for general fiction and needed to stick to crime and murder, I embarked on a new novel entitled ‘Horror Scopes’, about a murderer who chooses, kills and leaves his victim according to the zodiac signs.  But yet again, it came to a halt after only two chapters.  I have files and files of research, but am beginning to wonder whether I shouldn’t contact my local police station and hospital and ask to shadow an autopsy or ‘real crime’ for a couple of days to get some experience in this area.

So, taking a break from writing novels, I decided to do some reading.  My friends had been raving about this new trilogy entitled ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, so I got my Kindle out, downloaded and began to read.  Wow.  Not the best-written books in the world (then again who am I to mock?) but at the same time there was something about them that just made me want to keep turning the pages.  My poor husband was abandoned, dinner became whatever was quickest, and the kids suddenly got to watch an awful lot of TV as I became addicted to the books.  After a week I had read all three and felt the sudden urge to open up the laptop and start typing.

My fingers raced across the keyboard and I easily churned out the first 54,000 words, which is where I am at now.  I have found my comfort zone.  Sex.  ‘Murder at Meadowview’ contained a few “adult scenes”, but this is the first time I have written nothing but smut, and I love it!  Of course the novel has a plot-line and back-story, there isn’t even that much sex in it when I read back (must add more), but I feel at home writing within the Adult Romance / Erotica / Porn – whatever you want to call it – genre.

When I mentioned on the dreaded Facebook that I had decided to step into this genre, I suddenly found my friends-list dropping quite dramatically.  Talking to my friends, and my mother, I began to wonder whether I should be embarrassed or even ashamed of the filth that I was spewing onto the pages.  But, as it has been pointed out to me on more than one occasion, sex sells.  So I put my worries aside and have decided to just enjoy the moment.  If certain people don’t like it, then they don’t have to buy it, but this is one book I am determined to finish and edit this book, and to have it published through an agent / publisher.

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