Lazy weekend, lazy words…

Oh what a wonderful weekend I have just had, and one that is certainly well-deserved.  After realising that our last holiday was our honeymoon (back in July 2006), my husband and I decided to pack the kiddywinks off to Weymouth Sealife Centre with their Aunty and Uncle, and we booked ourselves into the Doubletrees Hotel at Cadbury House just South of Bristol.  And it was worth it.

It was supposed to be a weekend together, but as soon as we arrived, we went our separate ways.  Him to the spa followed by the bar, me to the hairdressers, where my £25 trim turned into a £50 re-style since it has been about a year since I last had my mane chopped and tamed.  So I’ve lost my long locks, although luscious they were not.  Split ends, greasy roots, and kinked where it’s always scraped back into a pony-tail, it’s now been changed into a short, easy to manage, bob.  I’m not sure I love it, after two year of hair nigh on past my shoulder blades, I suddenly feel a bit naked.  My neck certainly felt the cold biting wind at 8 o’clock this morning during the school run!

But enough moaning.  After a couple of hours of “Me Time” I re-joined my husband and we led the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle for 24 hours…. that is if rock ‘n’ rollers pig out at a very nice Marco Pierre White restaurant before climbing into bed (fully-clothed I might add) at 8 p.m. and ordering room service consisting of 2 bottle of diet coke and a bottle of still water, followed by watching “Megamind” on TV… (Megamind is an AWESOME film by the way, but we had to make sure it was child-friendly before committing ourselves to buying it for the children to watch.)  But, we definitely enjoyed the lie-in, not waking up until 8.30 a.m on the Sunday!

Feeling slightly rebellious, rather than going home straight away, we detoured and ended up exploring Cheddar Gorge, and spending a fair amount of money on retro sweets…  we know how to live…

So the lazy weekend was complete.  But when I logged back onto my addiction of Facebook and updated my status, I found myself using lazy words like “def” instead of “definitely” and “chillaxed” instead of “chilled and relaxed”.  As a writer I should be appalled at myself, but it led me to wonder about words that are creeping into the dictionary.  I remember reading somewhere that “LOL” is going to be entered into the Oxford dictionary, and while it is a term I use frequently when chatting via the web or text, I can’t see myself actually saying “Oh how I lol’d”  Are we becoming lazy as a race?  I wonder whether animals have abbreviated their sounds and expressions over time…  My cat certainly “yows” rather than “meows”.

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