Ooh I’m Blogging!

I’m not very good at all this technical stuff, and this is probably my third attempt at starting a blog.  Hopefully I will stick with WordPress.

So why am I here?  Well, primarily I want to advertise myself and publicise my work.  I am a writer, mainly creating informative articles for Helium.com, but aspiring to be a well-known author.  I already have one novel self-published, and have many titbits of creative writing on Helium, but my ambition is to be on the best-sellers list by the age of 35, so I’ve got 6 years left to achieve my goals.

Firstly, you should all be aware that I am not very good when it comes to computers, internet and anything that involves logic or physics.  You should also be aware that as a child I never kept a diary.  I did try to, but it went the same way as my previous attempts to blog – forgotten.  So, if I should disappear, it’s because I’m useless.  I’d like to say that I just don’t have the time to update blogs etc. but the truth is that I spend most of my day sat in front of a computer, so I could easily open up a separate window and blog away.

While being technically incapable of being able to tell an Mp3 player from a mobile phone (we have one of those generic tablet thingymagigs, and my four year old daughter had to show me how to work it), I am not at all stupid.  Before settling down into married life and having children, I worked very hard and achieved my BTEC National Award in Horse Management (Equine Business Management) and Levels 1 and 2 in Hills Pet Nutrition while working as a veterinary nurse (unqualifed).  I have also diversified into other areas, extending my experience of work into managing a Customer Service team whilst also single-handedly running the Returns Department of the company my husband worked for – all voluntarily to help relieve some of the pressure from his shoulders, and allow him to work less than 70 hours a week.

Then we decided to breed.  With health issues, that I won’t divulge in, it took us a while to get pregnant, but eventually we were parents to our daughter.  Rebecca was born 8 weeks early after complications, and while on bed-rest, waiting for her to come home, I picked up the hobby that I had started back in school, and began to write again.  My husband encouraged me to publish some of my poetry, and I searched the internet for a site that would pay for my work.  Finding Helium.com was ideal for me.  I wasn’t after fame and fortune (how times change!) I just wanted to share my work with the public.

After a while I was encouraged by the community to enter the contests, and my article writing career began.  I decided to stick mainly to pet health and care as that is where my knowledge lies, but I used by experiences with pregnancy to vary my articles into parenting and health issues.  Since January 2008 I have grown my portfolio, and it currently stands at over 650 articles, including several pieces of creative writing.

Then I fell pregnant with our son, William.  Again, problematic, I was put onto bed rest, and I fell into writing fiction.  In October 2010, a year after his birth, I managed to complete my first novel.  After several rejection, although positive, letters from publishers, I found a few comments on the forums about self-publishing.  I wasn’t willing to part with money for vanity publishing, but I found Createspace through Amazon, and self-published my novel into print and as an e-book.  It hasn’t sold particularly well, but I have received a royalties cheque, so I’m happy with that.  A few months ago, other sites such as Smashwords were also mentioned to me, and I re-published my novel through these sites.

Advertising and marketing has never been something I’m comfortable with, but it was suggested to me that I create a Facebook Page and joined several other social networks, including Twitter.  Doing so has helped to get my work out into the open, and doing so has breathed new life into me.  I am now earning a healthy amount of money through my writing.  My husband can’t quite quit his job yet, but I’m proud to be helping to support our family.

Then the word ‘blogging’ was mentioned, and that is where you have joined me.  After several failed attempts, I hope to stick with WordPress and enlighten the world with my thoughts.

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